Caza Sikes

Caza Sikes is a family owned art gallery offering an eclectic array of work from artists all over the country, art consultation services, certified appraisals, and auction expertise.

The logo was designed to be perceived on different levels.

At top level the icon is a decorative piece surrounding a house silhouette. The client was focused on offering people the opportunity to purchase a one of a kind piece for their home at a manageable price.

At closer look the icon is surrounded by 4 Mexican wrestling masks which represent the owner and his 3 sons in this family business. The masks reflect their heritage, areas of expertise each bring to the business, and their fun-loving spirits.

The graphic representing each mask was created as a narrative for the logo presentation. The father, El Primo, is the keystone with the 3 stars representing his sons. El Consultista, the art consultant. El Promo, the marketing arm for the business. El Gavola, the auction consultant.

Signage and gallery show materials were developed along with the identity.